4017 County Road JJ, Black Earth, WI 53515


Permits required for:

  • • All new single family homes, decks and detached accessory buildings
  • • Additions that increase the physical dimensions of a building
  • • Alterations to the building structure
  • • Alterations to the building’s heating, electrical or plumbing systems
  • • All electrical wiring (new or remodeling)
  • • All HVAC (new or remodeling)
  • • All plumbing (new or remodeling)
  • • Agricultural buildings
  • • Commercial buildings

All projects must comply with the Town of Vermont Building Ordinance, and Driveway Ordinance?.

  1. Fill out the appropriate application:

2. Submit the application form, detailed project description, copy of any applicable blueprints, site plan, and copies of any applicable Dane County permits to [email protected] or 4017 County JJ, Black Earth, WI.  Please note: Electronic copies of the blueprints are preferred so quality is not lost when submitted to the Inspector. If electronic copies are not available, submit plans that are on a standard-size, 8.5”x11”, piece of paper. Please include both pages 1 and 2 of any Dane County permits. 

3. Pay the Permit Fee. Permit fees are calculated upon submission of the building permit application.