4017 County Road JJ, Black Earth, WI 53515


Property Tax Records: Access Dane

Zoning Petition Status: Dane County Legislative Information Center (enter “Vermont” in “Legislative text” field)

Township Records: The Town Clerk will permit access to Town records in the custody of the Town upon at least 48 hours’ written or oral notice of the intent to inspect or copy a record. 

The fees are:

  • • Copy and transcription fees – $.15 per page
  • • Location costs – $25/hour if location time greater than or equal to two hours.
  • • Mailing and shipping fees – direct costs
  • • Photography and photographic reproduction fees – direct costs

Submit request by filling out the Public Records Access Request Form  emailing to [email protected] or mailing to Town Clerk, Vermont Town Hall, 4017 County Road JJ, Black Earth WI 53515.