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Before you divide any property, schedule a meeting with the Town Planning Commission for advice on expectations and to help make the process smoother. Email Diane Anderson at [email protected] to set a meeting.

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Here are the key steps:

 BEFORE you submit the Land Use Intent form make sure you read the Town of Vermont Land Division Ordinance

Development rights associated with property can be verified via density study through Dane County and/or Town of Vermont.

Dane County Zoning Division
[email protected]

[email protected]



   Note: If you are planning a driveway, it is most efficient to submit request at the same time as the home site approval request.

Land Use Intent form

Submit site plan with Land Use Intent Form that shows the following:

• Boundaries of the parcel.

• Location of the property relative to adjacent and nearby roads.

• Location of the proposed home site, with dimensions to the boundaries of the parcel. The home site should be located within a maximum 100’x150’ envelope.

• GPS coordinates of the four corners of the home site envelope.

• Location of any other proposed structures.

• Location of existing structures.

• Location of any existing or proposed private sewage system.

• Location of existing and proposed driveway(s), with dimensions to property boundaries and GPS coordinates on the centerline:

  1. Where it enters the public road.
  2. Every 50 feet.
  3. Where it enters the home site envelope.

• Percentage and direction of slopes at the home site and driveway locations.

• Tillable land and wooded areas.

• Location of ridgelines (Ridgetop Protection Area), if any.

• Location of any surface water within 1,000 feet of any land to be disturbed.

See home page of website for meeting schedule.

Plan Commission meets monthly, so a plan that meets the requirements and required documents will be more likely to be approved and avoid delays.

The Plan Commission will put you on the agenda for an upcoming Town Board Meeting.
Attend the meeting to answer any questions.

Make check payable to Town of Vermont.

 Sanitary permit: Contact Public Health Madison/Dane County

 Determine if erosion control or stormwater management permits are required.

 Contact Dane County Water Resource Engineering