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PDR — or Potential Development Rights — are a measure of how much growth is still possible in the township.

The maps below — current as of 2021 — are a tool to evaluate the possible future look of the township.

Note: These are called Potential Development Rights because a building site must meet all the other town and county requirements for a house site to be approved. In hilly Vermont Township, there are many locations where a house simply can’t be located even though the parcel might have a PDR associated with it. The Plan Commission will help sort this out.


Vermont Township
Section Map

Click the township section link below to view current development
and available potential development rights (PDRs) in each section.

Each PDF has two pages; the first page shows current residences, the second page shows current residences and potential development rights.

Important notes:

  • The number of PDRs associated with a property is not a guarantee of this number. PDR counts will need to be confirmed via a Town of Vermont and Dane County density study.
  • The locations of the PDRs on these maps is for illustration purposes only and does not indicate where a potential residence must be located on the parcel. 
  • PDRs indicated “unlikely” are those that are associated with land owned by the Town of Vermont, Wisconsin DNR or a land conservancy.
  • All land divisions and home siting must adhere to the Town of Vermont’s comprehensive land use plan, Land Division ordinance, and Driveway ordinance. PDRs may be indicated in a location on these maps that would not meet these requirements.
  • The goal of the maps is to serve as a visual tool that may be used as a source of information to guide land use planning.  
  • If you are interested in determining the number of development rights associated with your property, contact [email protected]