4017 County Road JJ, Black Earth, WI 53515


Vermont’s tree trimming policy goals are:

  1. Protect the Town’s investment in their roads
  2. Provide safe roads
  3. Allow for efficient road maintenance
  4. Allow for landowner notification and input
  5. Protect the natural beauty of the town

The patrolman and his team may cut within the town right-of-way. Dead or decaying trees as well as any trees less than 4 inches in diameter will be cut completely. Additionally, any box-elder, buck thorn, prickly ash, poplar, honeysuckle and mulberry will be cut completely. Other trees will be cut if they present a safety concern on a road curve or at an intersection.

Sound oaks, hickory, maple, walnut and other mature species more than 4 inches in diameter, and  branches hanging less than 25 feet above a road will be trimmed while the tree is dormant. Due to oak blights, trimming of or near oak trees will be done in winter months.

Wood that is cut will be left in appropriate lengths along the roadway for landowners to collect. If the wood is not picked up within 30 days, the patrolman may make other arrangements.


Mowing is generally 20 feet back from the edge of the road. Every attempt will be made to respect any prairie plants or other wildflowers along the roadways per landowners request.