4017 County Road JJ, Black Earth, WI 53515


Maintenance is completed in the order of priority below:

  1. All daily traveled school bus routes
  2. Collector roads
  3. Daily traveled U.S. mail routes
  4. Dead-end roads

All other roads will be plowed as son as equipment is available on in the immediate area with available time. Turn-around plowing is the responsibility of landowners. Turn-arounds must be of adequate use for town equipment.

By state statute (81.15), the Town has 3 weeks to remove natural snow and ice accumulation. The Town’s goal is to maintain the roads in good winter driving conditions as weather, equipment and budgets allow.

The town road crews will not plow on private property without authorization from the Town Board. The Town of Vermont will not take any responsibility for removal of snow that is plowed into private driveways from the road clearing operation. Driveway maintenance is the property owners responsibility.

NOTE: State statute prohibits plowing any snow from driveways onto the town road. If you hire someone to plow your driveway, be sure they know the law concerning this matter.