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How does my tax bill come?

You will receive your tax bill in December of each year. The tax bill will indicate how much is owed for each parcel.

When do I pay it?

Payments (at least 1st installments) are due by January 31st to avoid interest and penalties. Payments received or postmarked on or before December 31st will be recorded as paid in the current year.

Payments can be mailed – include the full tax bill(s) and a self-addressed stamped envelope must also be included if you would like a receipt mailed back to you.

Payments can also be made in person at the Town Hall on dates that will be determined on a yearly basis.

Do you escrow? – 

  • If the escrow check is made out to YOU, deposit the check into your bank and write a new check to the Town of Vermont. 
  • If the escrow check is made out to YOU AND THE TOWN OF VERMONT, endorse the check and send it with your tax bill. 
  • If the escrow check is made out to TOWN OF VERMONT, just send it with your tax bill.

For information on where your property tax dollars go, please reference the annual tax letter: 

2021 Tax Letter

2020 Tax Letter

2019 Tax Letter